Prodigy X Console

The Prodigy X Dispatch Console

Prodigy X was built to enhance operator retention and performance, uniquely engineered to endure the 24/7 environment dispatch cycle for future years, and the strongest industry standards. Prodigy X provides peace of mind and a welcomed upgrade to today’s console standards.

Prodigy X systems allows operators to distinguish their stations with easy adjustments of the surface and monitor arrays. The range of motion is designed for comfort and focus during mission critical work. Prodigy X helps with the mental demands of a Dispatcher.

Prodigy X allows for the configuration of additional PCs and equipment with simplicity. With our highly flexible modules, this makes the console easy to expand and reconfigure. Prodigy X has a welded steel frame, a lifting system tested to perform above the industry standards. Prodigy X has wood core cabinets—that can be designed to create a console as robust as the people who work at it.

Everything is within arm’s reach. Prodigy X provides environment controls including heat, air, dimmable task lighting. All power and data ports are housed in each CPU cabinet.

Prodigy X Console